Sithonia is the middle section of the peninsula of Halkidiki and one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. A land defined by its unique combinations; the mountain with the sea, the green of the pine trees with the deep blue of the Aegean, the perfectly sculpted rocks with the white sand. A land full of colours and scents.

Sithonia is worth exploring and you’ll find something spectacular at every turn. Starting from Serenity Estate, heading south, following the main road which leads round Sithonia, very soon you’ll come upon Vourvourou with its magnificent complex of 12 islands very close to the shore. On the right lies Dragoudelis Mountain while on the left, across on Agion Oros (Holy Mountain) peninsula, you can make out the majestic Mountain of Athos. Further along the road, you’ll come across Sikia, one of the biggest villages in Halkidiki, dating back to the 11th century. Continuing our tour along the west side of Sithonia, heading north, we come to Porto Koufo and Toroni. Porto Koufo is Greece’s deepest natural harbor. In Toroni you can see the remains of the ancient fortress. Following the road through the pines, we reach cosmopolitan Marmaras and further on, Nikiti, with its well preserved traditional village. Our final destination, Agios Nikolaos, is one of Sithonia’s oldest villages and is only 9kms from Serenity Estate.

For those who prefer the mountains, a hike on Dragoudeli, the so-called Sithonia's spine, offers the opportunity to a closer encounter with the region. The view from the top is breathtaking and, on a clear day, even the island complex of Sporades and the mountain of Pilio can be seen.

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