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Shopping for Local Products

Greece produces many unique traditional products and Halkidiki is a blessed place. Sithonia itself is the source of over 10% of the production of Greek honey. "Sithon" honey, from the local beekeeper's cooperative is amongst the best in Europe. Halkidiki is also famous for its olives, known to locals as "almades", and its fine olive oil. Excellent wine is made from varieties of local grapes as well as tsipouro, distilled in the traditional way in"rakokazana" or stills. Herbs give the flavor and aroma of summer to anything they touch. Livestock husbandry is a major occupation here too. Cattle are bred only for their meat. The ancient breed of Sykia ox, one of the breeds raised here, is famous for the quality of its meat. Excellent dairy products, locally made and marketed, are sold in the region's markets. These include cheese, milk and yoghurt, often sold by their producers. Local fishermen sell their daily catch to local restaurants or fish markets. Last but not least, Sithonia's abundance of fruit is amazing whether eaten fresh or enjoyed in a tasty preserve.

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